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Experiment 2 and the Soft Reboot

Experiment 2 and the Soft Reboot published on No Comments on Experiment 2 and the Soft Reboot

When I started this project, I swore if I didn’t get five people engaged by the end of the first story, I’d stop posting. I can make art for my own amusement without the stress of the internet just fine.

Well, that resolve evaporated under the high-wattage fan of but can I understand what went wrong and fix it? What can I learn? Because I can’t leave anything alone. Because curiosity. Because self-torment is fun!

So, here’s go #2, soft-rebooting into what was originally intended to be the second story but is now the first, hoping this fixes some issues of the past:

  • focus on characters rather than world-building
  • a simplified, less fine-art/painterly style and more traditional comics creation process
  • the first story in the series as opposed to a “how did we get to the first story” prelude
  • characters from different backgrounds to triangulate the world-building rather than two characters from a similar background expositing it (which I suppose I should have realized would be an issue sooner, but)

If I can get five people engaged this time, I’ll repost an updated version of the original first story as a prelude at some later date.

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