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Two Years Later…

Two Years Later… published on No Comments on Two Years Later…

I have to accept that this as an experimental sandbox for exploring new ways of storytelling.

I have a new novel coming out soon, which includes some of the characters from these stories 25 years later. In prep for that, idling while we sit through the supply chain problems that are significantly affecting physical book production, I reworked the introductory episode. These pages give a history of the Liminal Universe, told through Djen Pathfinder, who knows a lot more about current events with the élans than most of inhabited space.

I added character and motivation (but why is Djen giving Caran a history lesson?), and made some tweaks and updates to the older graphics, and updated the text to be more in Djen’s voice. (Yes, I am in the midst of writing the sequel to the book that’s about to come out, and Djen is a POV character in that one so I’m all inside her Voice atm.)

When I went to upload the updates, I discovered my plugins had aged and I needed to rebuild parts of the site, and, well, that just means I’ll be updating the rest of what was there.

Once upon a time I had glorious plans to create a mainstream-style web comic that would update weekly. But, now, I’m making peace with the fact that I get creatively bored very easily and am continuously learning new ways to tell stories, and this project is going to reflect that. It’s a feature 😉

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