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Crew of the Sheruta-Maru

Kira Pathfinder Captain & communications. Kira took control of the Sheruta-Maru after losing her family in a secret war. Now, without protection from the decimated underground that once shielded her, Kira must hide her identity as a genetic deviant able to use a quantum brain-computer, or be enslaved or executed under Federal Law.

Rin Guilda Shuttle pilot & mechanic. Rin is the only one of Kira’s space pirates who is actually a pirate. In fact, the others could give up space pirating altogether with the bounty they’d collect by turning ver in–a fact ve has no plans to share. Rin’s love of fast shuttles and easy pleasures can get vis heart into trouble with vis head and cause chaos for everyone–but isn’t anarchy more fun anyway?

hitomi-port2Hitomi Seth Medic & security. Dr. Seth was a rising star in the Red City mob, until someone sold out her branch of the org. Now she’s in hiding until the smoke clears, which would be a lot easier if the artificial intelligence in her medical tattoos hadn’t developed a taste for blood. Not that there’s anything wrong with killing, but it only be done for a good reason.

xi-port2Xi Corporate liaison & jack-of-all-trades. Xi was once a middle manager in a megacorp, but all he remembers of it is how to run training sessions on S.M.A.R.T. goals and interpret Corporate Law. He’s mostly machine and that means all the way illegal. He has no idea how that even happened. The others ask few questions. He never shares his answers. The less they know the better.

Sheruta  The ship. Sheruta is the secret alien consciousness inhabiting the Sheruta-Maru. Born as a spirit of sanctuary for the underground, Sheruta’s inability to protect Kira’s family has destabilized her psyche. Telempathic and able to control the electromagnetic spectrum from visible light to radio waves, Sheruta will do anything to keep her crew safe–even if it risks an end to both their species.


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