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New Organization of Federal Banking Worlds

Founded in the months following The Revolution of 2150, the New Organization of Federal Banking Worlds (originally the New Organization of World Banks) is Your Government Working for You.

Corporate Branch – Responsible for Chartering and monitoring all corporations, the Corporate Branch ensures that business profit is balanced with social and environmental ethics. We learn from the past.

Legal Branch – Consisting of the Ground Patrol in physical-space and the Ocean Patrol in information-space, NOFBW Legal ensures no corporate or civil crime goes undetected or unpunished. We protect the present.

Communications Branch – Since The Revolution, communications technology has become our most hazardous, yet most necessary, resource. Through Operator regulations and telecommunications monitoring, we keep the airwaves working for you. We enable the future.

Financial Branch – You have a fundamental human right to a Citizen ID chip and a Bank Account. Your credit, corporate affiliation, and personal and public information are managed seamlessly in our vaults. We keep you and your data safe.

Technology Branch – NOFBW Technology ensures advances work for corporations and citizens to extend the health, wealth, and happiness of all life on all worlds we have, and have yet, to explore. We are the champions of interstellar space.

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