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The Arrangement

As sealed between Madame X of the Luna syndicate and Freedom 14 July, 2470.

Madame X of the Empire of the Moon hereby grants Freedom one-time start-up supplies in the form of one explorer-class dimensionship, sixteen crates of colonial supplies, and raw tech materials (see Attachment A). In return, Freedom hereby grants Madame X of the Empire of the Moon fourteen wireless black-out devices, four citizen id nullifers, and one freedomtech scrambler.

In perpetuity, Madame X of the Empire of the Moon agrees to supply Freedom with ongoing colonial supplies and raw materials for the creation of freedomtech, as well as physical protection where the Empire holds direct influence, and through the Empire’s sister syndicates where it does not.

In perpetuity, Freedom agrees to pay for its supplies and protection with a trade monopoly on all freedomtech, as well as providing infiltration services (both physical and informational) not to exceed Undue Burden (see Attachment B) on Freedom’s resources.

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