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Happily, most of today’s technology operates ubiquitously. Ambient environmental systems adjust to your biofeedback. Medical nanites in the air extend the average human lifespan to 150 years. High-speed sonic tubes operate beneath the ground providing fast, safe, clean, and invisible connections to all local destinations. Public safety surveillance systems equipped with advanced AI detect and prevent a physical violence before it happens. There are, however, a few key technologies that can’t be tastefully hidden.

Space Travel – One of the most important advances of our age is anti-relativistic space travel via Rogue-Harding dimensional loops. Designed to work with the new physics discovered in 2298, modern dimension-ships–or dimships in common vernacular–remain difficult to manufacture and maintain and do not tolerate atmosphere well. However, sufficient number of exist for an active and vital commerce and tourism trade between orbitals in inhabited space. Stellar-class vessels–capable of high-speed travel within a star system and able to tolerate atmosphere but unable to navigate dimensional loops–are used to greater or lesser degree depending on local culture and number of local inhabited orbitals.

Information Banking – For 330 years, the New Organization of Federal Banking Worlds has maintained an impeccable Banking System for managing its citizens and their information needs. All citizens are bestowed at birth with a citizen id chip, conferring essential civil rights. A perfectly encrypted Bank Account linked to the CID holds each citizen’s data from their at-birth medical profile through to their favorite 3V snaps of their great-great-grand children–and their credit balance, of course. Through the invisible convenience of checkpoints and CID readers, modern Information Banking ensures a seamless and safe interaction between you and the world. Access points exist at public hot-spots, and any 2V, 3V, 4V, or 5V projection unit.

The Mem and Quantum Computing – See Operators. Stationary quantum systems also exist, particularly to warehouse data on high-density crystal matrix; their working memory is limited due to lack of an organic brain for swap and storage.

Technology and Taboos – Technology has pushed our species to near-extinction repeatedly. Reminders of its cruelty have become, understandably, distasteful. Overt displays of robotics, transhuman body modification, wearable electronics, and other visible or irresponsible uses of technology range from transgression punishable by death to strongly taboo in polite society.

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